Beauty and Function

While creating beautiful images is more accessible than ever, creating compelling content is more challenging than any other time in human history.

After a decade of commercial filmmaking, we've encountered a fatal, common problem -- a lack of preproduction is a fatal blow to stories brands want to tell. 

While technology simplified video-making, it's flooded social platforms, making it difficult to stand out.

Baas Creative creates films that harness the power of storytelling. Yes, it sounds cliche, but storytelling makes or breaks every film. Why?

You've seen aesthetically beautiful films that are...terrible.

You've enjoyed aesthetically terrible films that are...beautiful.

The difference will always be storytelling.

Baas Creative helps you create beautiful films, inside and out.

Why Story Matters

Behind every great movement is a great story. No matter how it’s told, around campfires in caves to tiny computers in our pockets, story holds a transformative power -- to connect us.

But “story” has become a confusing buzzword.

Why does “story” matter for an organization?

Simply put, if your employees and customers can’t find themselves in the story your brand is telling, they disconnect. Disconnection hurts your culture, disengages your employees and disinterests your customers.

Perhaps Seth Godin said it best: “Either you’re going to tell stories that spread, or become irrelevant.”

But we live in a wild age of unbelievable possibilities to connect.

Today, humans value relationships with brands that create connections.

At Baas Creative, we put your human customer at the center.

We develop strategy and films that create human connection.

Because connection changes everything.